Common Knee Problems

Knee pain is unfortunately common amongst adults and sometimes it is a problem for teens. For many people, knee pain is the result of general wear and tear from routine activities such as walking, bending, standing and lifting. People who are runners and/or who participate in sports that involve running, jumping and/or quick pivoting are also more likely to experience knee pain and problems. Knee pain can range from mild and intermittent on up to chronic and debilitating knee pain. 

There are many different solutions to alleviate knee pain and to heal injuries but it is important to note that you should seek the advice of a good knee pain doctor if you need medical advice. 

Common Causes of Knee Problems

The most common causes of  knee pain are related to aging, injury and repetitive stress injuries. The following are some of the more common knee problems and injuries that many people seek the help of a knee pain doctor in the hopes of eliminating their pain or at least to alleviating it, as well as to fix or get treatment for the underlying cause of their knee problems:

Sprain When someone has sprained a body part such as a knee, ankle, wrist, finger, hand,  

etc. it is caused by the stretching or tearing of ligaments in a body part or area of the body. 

Ligaments are the tough bands of fibrous connective tissues between two bones.

Strain A strain is a stretched or torn muscle or tendon. Tendons are connective tissues that 

connect muscles to bones. Strains are typically caused by twisting or pulling these tissues 

farther than they are supposed to go. Strains can happen because of a sudden movement 

that is too forceful for the tendons to handle, or they can happen over time. Strained knee, 

hamstring and back muscles are among some of the more common kinds of strains. 

Cartilage Tear Cartilage is a white, gristle-like connective tissue found in various forms in the 

body in structures such as, the external ear and in the articulating surfaces of joints.  

Common causes of tears in cartilage are accidents or sports injuries. As well, when people 

age, their cartilage breaks down and this causes it to become brittle. Cartilage tears are one 

of the more common causes of knee and leg pain.

Tendonitis Tendonitis is an inflammation of a tendon such as the tendons around the  knee, 

shoulder or elbow.  It is most commonly caused by an injury but can also occur as a result of 

an underlying inflammatory rheumatic disease, such as reactive arthritis or gout.

Arthritis Arthritis is inflammation of a joint such as a knee, finger, hand or hip joint. There are 

over 100 different types of arthritis caused and they are caused by a variety of issues 

including aging, past injuries and autoimmune disorders, to name just a few causes of the 

many different types of arthritis.

If you have knee pain, regardless of how mild or severe it is, a good knee pain doctor, like a knee pain doctor from Pottstown, PA, may be able to help you. Contact a reputable knee pain doctor today-  the sooner you do the sooner it may be that you are on the road to recovery.

Thanks to Premier Osteoarthritis Center  for their insight into common knee problems and their causes.