Automated FUE: How Does It Work?

If you suffer from hair loss, there are a lot of options available to you. One of the most popular is the FUE transplant or follicular unit extraction transplant. In the past, most of these transplants were done manually. Nowadays, there are automated systems to help surgeons. Here is what you should know about them.

What Is a FUE Transplant?

In a FUE transplant, the doctor removes individual follicular units from the scalp. The doctors isolate the graft, remove it, and then arrange the grafts in groups to place them on problem areas of the scalp. First, a physician has to identify the best donor area where the strong healthy hairs are, then they identify where the recipient area will be. A FUE transplant should look as natural as possible. Doctors map out the hair loss pattern so that each follicle looks natural.

While there are tiny incisions left behind, they heal quickly, usually within a few days. After three months, you should start to notice hair growth. Then, after six months, you should notice significant regrowth. Your hair will begin to grow naturally.

What Is Automated FUE?

Automated FUE extraction devices perform calculations and harvest the follicular units. These innovative devices make the job of the doctor a lot easier. In addition, it tends to be a more streamlined approach to FUE transplants. There are extraction and implantation systems that deliver excellent hair transplants.

Why Automated FUE?

You may be wondering why you should choose automated FUE over manual FUE. FUE transplants in general are incredibly beneficial to patients. They allow a patient to begin to regrow his or her own natural hair. It is minimally invasive and has a quick recovery time. With manual FUE, this is true, but with automated FUE, it is even more so.

Automated FUE systems leave no visible scars. You do not require any staples or stitches and 

They do not leave a linear scar. As an added benefit, you will not have to deal with a long recovery time or much discomfort. You recover quickly and can usually return to work after just a few days. With automation, there is less room for mistakes and the system becomes more precise.

When it comes to hair transplants, FUE is one of the best options available. The process takes donor follicle units and from a healthy section of your scalp, then implants them in the area where your hair is thinning or lost. In six months, you’ll have fuller, more natural hair. To find out more about hair transplants, contact a hair loss doctor, like a hair loss doctor in NYC, today.

Thanks to the office of Doctor Robin Unger for their insight into how automated FUE works.