Easy Activities for the Elderly to Stay Physically Active

When it comes to our body’s mobility, it’s best to say: you move it or you lose it! For seniors, it’s imperative to maintain an active lifestyle in order to age well. Physical activity can stave off cardiovascular problems, bone decay, and even mental decline.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, seniors should get at least 150 minutes per week of activity. Here are four easy activities for the elderly to get their 150 minutes in!

1. Swimming

Swimming seems tailored to the needs of the elderly. Submerging yourself in water is a low gravity activity, which is especially gentle on older joints and bones. The act of exercising in water is an aerobic activity, which helps optimize heart health. The water itself also acts as a form of low-impact resistance training, which is great for strengthening older muscles.

All of these facets make swimming a wonderful way for seniors to stay active while being gentle to their body!

2. Yoga

There’s a reason that yoga has stood the test of time: the act of slowly stretching muscles can help all ages strengthen and lengthen the body’s capabilities. For seniors, low-impact yoga can help preserve mobility, improve balance, and strengthen the heart. Taking that into consideration, it’s no wonder that nearly 21% of regular yoga practitioners are 60 and older!

3. Walking

Walking is so much more than just a way to get from place to place! It is an aerobic activity that can improve cardiovascular health and promote bodily wellness. The act of walking is especially helpful for seniors that don’t want to invest in a gym membership or be cooped up inside.

For seniors, walking can be accomplished almost anywhere! A local park, a surrounding neighborhood, or even an errand run can become a way to work out. There are even local walking clubs designated specifically for seniors who want to get their steps in!

4. Join a Dance Class

There is something so liberating about dancing: oftentimes, it doesn’t even feel like exercise! Dancing is a way for seniors to express themselves creatively, while also working their muscles and hand-eye coordination. Dancing is another fun activity because it can be done with friends or from the comfort of your own home. Anyone can be a good dance partner, whether it be your spouse or a home health aide!