5 of the Most Common Reasons for Back Pain

Back Pain Doctor

Back pain is a common occurrence in the United States as about 60 to 80 percent of adults will experience it at some point in their lives. It stands to reason this is one of the most common medical conditions reported each year to medical professionals. Which makes it even more likely that you are going to experience it at some point in your life too. 

There are many causes of back pain. Typically this type of pain is a symptom of some other medical condition and because of that, there are many causes. Read on to learn the most common reasons someone can suffer from back pain. 

  1. Pulled Muscle or Tendon 

More often than not this is a common injury for those who are lifting heavy items every day. However, even sleeping in an awkward position can lead to a sore back. When this happens it is because you may have strained one of the many muscles or tendons in your back. When these are stretched too far you end up with a sprain that causes pain, tightness, or spasms to happen. 

  1. Inflammation 

Inflammation is a natural part of your body’s immune response. It is your body starting to heal itself and protect itself from greater injury. However, it can cause pain and discomfort easily leading to a miserable time. Typically, this reason goes away on its own but if it doesn’t it could be a sign of something greater. 

  1. Arthritis 

There are more than 52 million adults that suffer from stiffness and pain from arthritis. This disease is a type of chronic inflammation that can affect joints throughout your body. Most commonly arthritis pain is associated with stiffness and swelling. 

  1. Injured, Herniated, or Ruptured Discs

In your spine, there are these cushions of tissue called discs that separate the vertebrae. If these discs move out of place, bulge, or are injured they can become painful. As you get older these discs become more prone to damage. The longer a disc is out of place the more painful it becomes as your spine has nothing to rest on. 

  1. Stress 

Everyone is aware that stress is bad for your body as a whole. Your spine is responsible for keeping your body upright. Poor posture and excess weight are examples of extra stress on your spine. This leaves your back muscles to work extra hard and that can cause pain. A job that puts extra stress on bending and moving can cause injury due to the stress on the spine. 

When it comes to back pain you need to be able to find a trusted back pain doctor. That is where AmeriWell Clinics can help you sort out the best treatment for you and help relieve your back pain.