How Does Hair Transplant Surgery Work?

Hair Transplant Doctor

Losing your hair is often a major milestone for people as they get older. It is an expected sign of aging that many people are not comfortable with. However, hair loss can be triggered or accelerated by several things. It is not easy finding solutions to hair loss that actually work and show real results. There is hope though for those who are struggling with hair loss. One of the treatments that you may find effective is hair transplant surgery. Surgery can be a good option if you meet certain requirements to be a good candidate.

What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

As one of the most common solutions for hair loss, hair transplant surgery is when a doctor takes your existing hair and places it in areas on your scalp where hair loss has occurred. Hair from other places on your body can be used as an alternative. 

There are two methods of doing a hair transplant surgery: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE). 

During a FUT hair transplant surgery, a strip or portion of your scalp is removed and cut into thin strips. That area is closed through stitches. They then cut small holes in the area of the scalp where the follicles will be grafted.

In FUE surgery, a back portion of your head is shaved off. During the surgery, the doctor removes hair follicles out of your scalp and implants it in areas that are in need of regrowth. The doctor creates tiny holes in your scalp where the follicles will be grafted. The area is then covered so that it can heal. 

Hair transplants have been shown to have a high success rate, and it results in more natural looking and full hair. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Surgery? 

Individuals may be eligible for hair transplant surgery if they meet certain criteria. The type of hair a patient has, potential for hair regrowth and the overall health of the patient are a few things a hair doctor may consider. 

Some people may be hesitant about hair transplant surgery because of the pain and risks involved. During surgery, you are administered a local anesthetic so you don’t feel pain throughout the process. You may experience initial discomfort from the injection, but once the anesthetic begins to work you should only feel numbness. 

You Can Achieve Real Hair Regrowth 

An experienced hair transplant doctor that Manhattan residents trust, like Dr. Robin Unger, has assisted numerous patients, helping them obtain full, healthy and natural-looking hair through. Contact a hair specialist to see if hair transplant surgery is right for you.