Caring for Yourself While Providing Care for Others


September is National Self-Care Awareness Month. No one deserves more self-care awareness more than caregivers. When your job is to constantly provide care to another, it can become easy to forget about self-care. It’s hard to focus on yourself when there are overextending expectations, doctor’s appointments, medication management, never ending fires to put out, etc. 

Thus, it’s imperative for caregivers to practice healthy doses of self care. Here are a few ways caregivers can care for themselves while providing care for others!

1. Remember to breathe

The best way to start practicing self care is taking the time to breathe. When we work on our breath, we are actively oxygenating our blood and bringing clarity to our thoughts. We are strengthening our hearts and minds. 

You should take a minimum of ten minutes a day to close your eyes and breathe. Focus on the exhale, the quality of the inhale, and the meditative sound of your own breath. 

2. Eat & sleep well

Contrary to popular opinion, caregivers are not super-human. We are human beings who operate best when we are well-fed and well-rested. Make sure to get a full night of sleep and eat wholesome meals that are packed with healthful nutrients!

3. Share the workload

One of the best ways to practice self care is to delegate! If you find yourself overwhelmed by the myriad of tasks that you need to do, you can easily pass off other tasks. A home health aide or home care agency can work with you to support your caregiving network. They’ll match you with a qualified care provider in Boynton Beach that can easily lift your heavy load!

4. Share your thoughts

It’s no mistake that when we share our thoughts, we ‘unload.’ Holding onto the things that hurt you can become a burden which weighs your mind down. Confide in those you love, a partner, or a friend, even a pet. There are also a multitude of online resources and support groups for caregivers.

5. Schedule your own joy

Fun is not something that only happens simultaneously, it can be scheduled! Think of something that brings you joy. It could be a beloved TV show, time with friends, or a walk in a local park. Schedule these moments of joy throughout your day on a consistent basis. Once you get in the habit of partaking in joy: it becomes a difficult habit to break!